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We are here to help you understand how Change & Save can SAVE you MONEY by reducing water consumption and lowering utility bills.

The “Change & Save” Program is specifically geared to assist West Basin customers. 
Connect with us to determine if you qualify: or give us a ring at (310)371-4633 today.

For qualified residents, the water efficiency kits will be provided at NO COST.

We will talk through all potential upgrades and benefits with you before providing coaching for installation. We want to be sure that this is an opportunity to educate and assist homeowners in saving water and money.

Complete a quick water conservation survey (online or over the phone), provide us with your contact information and will mail a complimentary water efficiency Kit. 

So you received $85.00 here is what to do
Call EIGA (888)376-3314


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Get your FREE water-saving devices and up to $500 rebate high-efficiency clothes washer rebate!
Sign up today to receive your FREE kit and rebate.

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