Qualifying Products List

High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Qualifying Products List as of Sept 28, 2020

Water factor (WF) indicates the number of gallons of water used per cubic foot of laundry. A lower number number indicates a more water efficient clothes washer. High-efficiency clothes washers with an integrated water factor of 3.7 or less qualify for rebates. Model numbers in italics indicate that the product has been discontinued; check with your retailer for availability.

brand model
Amana NFW5800D**
Amana NFW5800H**
Asko W2084.W.U
Beko BWM7200X
Beko WMY 10148 C0
Beko WMY 10148 W0
Beko WMY10148C2
Beko WTE 7604XLW0
Blomberg WM 98200 SX
Blomberg WM 98400 SX
Blomberg WM72200W
Blomberg WM77120
Blomberg WM98200SX2
Blomberg WM98400SX2
Bosch WAT28400UC
Bosch WAT28401UC
Bosch WAT28402UC
Bosch WAW285H2UC
Crosley CFWH4084G**
Crosley YFW450S*M***
Electrolux EFLS210****
Electrolux EFLS517****
Electrolux EFLS527****
Electrolux EFLS617****
Electrolux EFLS627****
Electrolux EFLW317****
Electrolux EFLW417****
Electrolux EFLW427****
GE GFW148S*L***
GE GFW148S*M***
GE GFW400S*M***
GE GFW430S*M***
GE GFW450S*M***
GE GFW490R*K***
GE GFW550S*N***
GE GFW650S*N***
GE GFW850S*N***
GE WCVH4800K***
GE GFWR2700H***
GE GFWR2705H***
GE GFWR4800F***
GE GFWR4805F***
GE GFWS2600F***
Haier QFW150S*N***
Inglis IFW5900H**
Kenmore 3171#
Kenmore 3177#
Kenmore 4100#
Kenmore 4107#
Kenmore 4116#
Kenmore 4126#
Kenmore 4130#
Kenmore 4136#
Kenmore 4138#
Kenmore 4139#
Kenmore 4146#
Kenmore 4148#
Kenmore 4156#
Kenmore 4158#
Kenmore 4168#
Kenmore 417.4112*41*
Kenmore 417.4194*71*
Kenmore 4178#
Kenmore 4196#
Kenmore 4198#
Kenmore 592-4961*
Kenmore 592-4968*
Kenmore 592-4969*
brand model
Samsung WF45R61**A*
Samsung WF45R63**A*
Samsung WF45T60**A*
Samsung WF45T62**A*
Samsung WF50K75**A*
Samsung WF50R85**A*
Samsung WF50T85**A*
Samsung WF56H91**A*
Samsung WF56H91**C*
Samsung WV55M96**A*-L
Samsung WV60M99**A*-L
Samsung WW22K680*A*
Samsung WW22N685*Q*
Whirlpool WFW3090G**
brand model
LG WM1385H*
LG WM1388H*
LG WM1399H*A
LG WM1455H*A
LG WM3075C*
LG WM3080C*
LG WM3085C*
LG WM3090C*
LG WM3095C*
LG WM3170C*
LG WM3175C*
LG WM3180C*
LG WM3270C*
LG WM3275C*
LG WM3370H*A
LG WM3400C*
LG WM3450C*
LG WM3460C*
LG WM3500C*
LG WM3505C*
LG WM3570H*A
LG WM3575C*
LG WM3600H*A
LG WM3670H*A
LG WM3700H*A
LG WM3770H*A
LG WM3800H*A
LG WM3900H*A
LG WM4000H*A
LG WM4200H*A
LG WM4270H*A
LG WM4370H*A
LG WM4500H*A
LG WM5000H*A
LG WM5005H*A
LG WM9000H*A
LG WM9500H*A
LG WT7250C*
LG WT7300C*
LG WT7700H*A
LG WT7710H*A
LG WT7800C*
LG WT7880H*A
LG WT7900H*A
Maytag MHW3500F**
Maytag MHW3505F**
Maytag MHW5500F**
Maytag MHW5630H**
Maytag MHW6630H**
Maytag MHW8200F**
Maytag MHW8630H**
Midea MLH52S7AGS
Midea MLH52S7AWW
Miele WWB020
Miele WWF060
Miele WWH660
Miele WWH860
Samsung WF42H50**A*
Samsung WF45H61**A*
Samsung WF45H63**A*
Samsung WF45K62**A*
Samsung WF45K65**A*
Samsung WF45M51**A*
Samsung WF45M55**A*
Samsung WF45N53**A*
Samsung WF45N63**A*
brand model
Whirlpool WF45R61**A*
Whirlpool WFW3090J**
Whirlpool WFW5090G**
Whirlpool WFW5090J**
Whirlpool WFW560CH**
Whirlpool WFW5620H**
Whirlpool WFW6620H**
Whirlpool WFW7540F**
Whirlpool WFW7590F**
Whirlpool WFW75HEF**
Whirlpool WFW8540F**
Whirlpool WFW85HEF**
Whirlpool WFW90HEF**
Whirlpool WFW9290F**
Whirlpool WFW92HEF**

Symbols (* + #) indicate that one or more coding variables may be used in place of the symbol to indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency.

For more information, call South Bay Environmental Services Center (310) 371-4633

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