Qualifying Products List

High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Qualifying Products List as of Feb 01, 2021

Water factor (WF) indicates the number of gallons of water used per cubic foot of laundry. A lower number number indicates a more water efficient clothes washer. High-efficiency clothes washers with an integrated water factor of 3.7 or less qualify for rebates. Model numbers in italics indicate that the product has been discontinued; check with your retailer for availability.

brand model
Amana NFW5800D**
Amana NFW5800H**
Crosley CFWH4084G**
Crosley YFW450S*M***
Electrolux EFLS517****
Electrolux EFLS527****
Electrolux EFLS617****
Electrolux EFLS627****
Electrolux EFLW317****
Electrolux EFLW417****
Electrolux EFLW427****
GE GFW400S*M***
GE GFW430S*M***
GE GFW450S*M***
GE GFW490R*K***
GE GFW550S*N***
GE GFW650S*N***
GE GFW850S*N***
GE GFWR2700H***
GE GFWR2705H***
GE GFWR4800F***
GE GFWR4805F***
GE GFWS2600F***
Inglis IFW5900H**
Kenmore 3171#
Kenmore 3177#
Kenmore 4100#
Kenmore 4107#
Kenmore 4116#
Kenmore 4126#
Kenmore 4130#
Kenmore 4136#
Kenmore 4138#
Kenmore 4139#
Kenmore 4146#
Kenmore 4148#
Kenmore 4156#
Kenmore 4158#
Kenmore 4168#
Kenmore 417.4112*41*
Kenmore 417.4194*71*
Kenmore 4178#
Kenmore 4196#
Kenmore 4198#
Kenmore 592-4961*
Kenmore 592-4968*
Kenmore 592-4969*
brand model
Samsung WF45R61**A*
Samsung WF45R63**A*
Samsung WF45T60**A*
Samsung WF45T62**A*
Samsung WF50K75**A*
Samsung WF50R85**A*
Samsung WF50T85**A*
Samsung WF56H91**A*
Samsung WF56H91**C*
Samsung WV55M96**A*-L
Samsung WV60M99**A*-L
Samsung WW22K680*A*
Samsung WW22N685*Q*
brand model
LG WM1385H*
LG WM1388H*
LG WM1399H*A
LG WM1455H*A
LG WM3075C*
LG WM3080C*
LG WM3085C*
LG WM3090C*
LG WM3095C*
LG WM3170C*
LG WM3175C*
LG WM3180C*
LG WM3270C*
LG WM3275C*
LG WM3370H*A
LG WM3400C*
LG WM3450C*
LG WM3460C*
LG WM3500C*
LG WM3505C*
LG WM3570H*A
LG WM3575C*
LG WM3600H*A
LG WM3670H*A
LG WM3700H*A
LG WM3770H*A
LG WM3800H*A
LG WM3900H*A
LG WM4000H*A
LG WM4200H*A
LG WM4270H*A
LG WM4370H*A
LG WM4500H*A
LG WM5000H*A
LG WM5005H*A
LG WM9000H*A
LG WM9500H*A
LG WT7250C*
LG WT7300C*
LG WT7700H*A
LG WT7710H*A
LG WT7800C*
LG WT7880H*A
LG WT7900H*A
Maytag MHW3500F**
Maytag MHW3505F**
Maytag MHW5500F**
Maytag MHW5630H**
Maytag MHW6630H**
Maytag MHW8200F**
Maytag MHW8630H**
Midea MLH52S7AGS
Midea MLH52S7AWW
Samsung WF42H50**A*
Samsung WF45H61**A*
Samsung WF45H63**A*
Samsung WF45K62**A*
Samsung WF45K65**A*
Samsung WF45M51**A*
Samsung WF45M55**A*
Samsung WF45N53**A*
Samsung WF45N63**A*
brand model
Whirlpool WFW5090J**
Whirlpool WFW560CH**
Whirlpool WFW5620H**
Whirlpool WFW6620H**
Whirlpool WFW7540F**
Whirlpool WFW7590F**
Whirlpool WFW75HEF**
Whirlpool WFW8540F**
Whirlpool WFW85HEF**
Whirlpool WFW90HEF**
Whirlpool WFW9290F**
Whirlpool WFW92HEF**

Symbols (* + #) indicate that one or more coding variables may be used in place of the symbol to indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency.

For more information, call South Bay Environmental Services Center (310) 371-4633

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