Change & save customers share the love

“The water-saving device kit has saved my family approximately $20.00 per month. This is a huge saving, and during these hard times is a huge help. I hope more people would look into adding these devices to their homes.”

Joan from Hawthorne

“I love my water-saving device kits. I have noticed a $30 savings on my monthly water and energy bills.”

Brenda from Inglewood

“I really enjoyed the program and the kits provided. The kits have been working amazing … even a year later! Thank you Change & Save. “

Gloria from Inglewood

“Through Change & Save I have saved a lot of water and money. I used the $500 rebate to purchase a new HE washer and both the washer and water saving device kits have been working great. I recommend Change & Save to my friends and neighbors.”

Bernadette from Inglewood

“This program is great! I think it is awesome that Change & Save offers our communities such a great way to save money and water in the home.”

Mark from Torrance

“The program has saved us a good amount of money on our monthly bills, and we have noticed at least a $20-$30 savings since installing the kits. I recommend Change & Save to my
neighbors and friends.”

Jide from Inglewood
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